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MR2 SARD MC8-R Le Mans и Sard MC8 Road
The Sard MC8-R was a modified and lengthened version of the SW20 built for GT racing by Toyota's works team SARD (Sigma Advanced Research Development). The MC8-R housed a twin-turbo version of the 4.0 liter Toyota 1UZ-FE V8 producing 600 bhp (450 kW).[23] Eligible for the GT1 category, the MC8-R lacked pace against the new generation sports cars and homologation specials such as Porsche 911 GT1, but did compete alongside a similarly modified Toyota Supra. One MC8 road car was built in order to meet homologation requirements, but its current whereabouts are unknown.

A SARD MC8 road car built for homologation

1995 and 1996
The MC8-R made its first outing in the 1995 24 Hours of Le Mans piloted by Alain Ferté, Kenny Acheson, and Tomiko Yoshikawa. It retired after 14 laps. Later that year the car attempted the 1000km Suzuka, this time managing to finish 26th overall.
One MC8-R was entered in the 1996 24 Hours of Le Mans, piloted by Masanori Sekiya, Hidetoshi Mitsusada, and Masami Kageyama. The team qualified 37th and finished 24th, second-to-last of finishers.

The team also entered the 1997 24 Hours of Le Mans, but driver Olivier Grouillard failed to make it past pre-qualifying.[24] Two cars were also entered in the FIA GT Championship round at the 1997 Suzuka 1000km (one by Team Menicon SARD and one entered by IDC Ootsukakagu SARD), but neither car managed to finish. It was replaced for the following year with the Toyota GT-One.

Вот что выдал промт переводчик, помогайте, буду корректировать:
Сард MC8-R модифицированная удлиненная версия SW20, построен для GT Racing делами команды Тойоты САРД (Sigma Advanced Research Development). MC8-R размещены твин-турбо версию 4,0 литра Toyota 1UZ-FE V8 производит 600 л.с. (450 кВт). [23], имеющих право на получение категории GT1, MC8-R не хватало темпа против нового поколения спортивных автомобилей и омологации события, такие как Porsche GT1 911 , но конкурировать наряду с аналогичным изменение Toyota Supra . Один MC8 дороге автомобиль был построен, чтобы удовлетворить требования омологации, однако его нынешнее местонахождение неизвестно.

САРД MC8 дорожный автомобиль, построенный для омологации.

1995 и 1996 годах
MC8-R совершил свой ​​первый выход в 1995 24 часа Ле-Мана , пилотируемый Ален Ферте , Кенни Ачесон , и Томико Йошикава. Он вышел на пенсию после 14 кругов. В том же году автомобиль пытался Suzuka 1000 км , на этот раз успевая закончить двадцать шестой в целом.
Один MC8-R был введен в 1996 24 часа Ле-Мана , пилотируемый Масанори Sekiya , Хидетоши Mitsusada , и Масами Кагеяма. Команда квалифицированных 37 и закончили 24-го, второго до последнего из финишировавших.

Команда также вошли 1997 24 часа Ле-Мана , но водитель Оливье Grouillard не в состоянии сделать это мимо предварительной квалификации. [24] Две машины были также введены в чемпионате FIA GT раунда на 1997 Suzuka 1000 км (по одному от команды Menicon САРД и один введенный IDC Ootsukakagu САРД), но ни один автомобиль удалось закончить. Он был заменен на следующий год с Toyota GT-One .

SARD (Sigma Advanced Research Development) Racing MC8-R

The SARD MC8R is a slightly lengthened Toyota MR2, with the V8 Lexus 1UZ-FE engine mounted longitudinally (plus two KKK turbochargers). Power output is about 600hp.

Sard MC8-R/Sard Co Ltd. (1995)
Frame: monoshell steel
Engine: V8 Lexus (1UZ-FE - 3968 cc) Heavily reworked. 2x KKK turbos
600 hp at 6100 rpm
506 ft/lb at 5000 rpm
Electronic Management EFI
Transmission: Hewland VGC with 6 Speeds

Weight: 1273kg
Wheelbase: 2.83m
Overall length: 4.50m
Width: 1.88m
Height: 1.08m (standard SW20 chassis height 1.24m)

Tires: Dunlop
Rims: Rays Volk 18" (13J rear, 9J front (est))

Brakes: Alcon
Top Speed: Over 264 km/h

France - Alain Ferté
United Kingdom - Kenny Acheson
Japan - Tomiko Yoshikawa

The "Do Co Mo" car #26 failed to finish in 1995, managing just 14 laps

Не могу скопировать отсюда фото, подскажите как?

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Sard MC8-R/TEAM Menicon Sard (1996)
Frame: monoshell steel
Body: kevlar and carbon fiber:

V8 with 90deg standard Lexus R40 V-T in central position prepared by SARD
32 valves
2x turbos KKK
3968 cc
600hp at 7000 rpm
506ft/lb at 4000 rpm

Electronic management EFI
Transmission: March gearbox with 5 speeds

weight: 1061kg
Wheelbase: 2.79m
Overall length: 4.50m
Width: 1.88m

Tires: Dunlop
Rims: Volk Racing 18"

France - Alain Ferté
Italy - Mauro Martini
France - Pascal Fabre
(drivers differ depending on what site you read!)

Brakes: Alcon
Top Speed: Over 294 km/h

Team Menicon car #46 finished in 24th position in 1996, completing 256 laps. That year, the winning car of Joest Racin, a TWR Porsche WSC-95, completed 354 laps.

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The MC8-R's were further used in Suzuka 1000 and GTC with modified bodies in 1996 and 1997 but information remains very hard to find.

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The Road Car - Sard MC8

This very elusive animal was produce purely so that the race-car could compete. Hence only 1 was ever made for homologation rules... Information is very sketchy as to it's whereabouts but the last i had heard is that it had sold for over $90'000 USD to a private collector. How much of this is true i am unsure...! Though it is known that the road car had the same engine and gearbox as the 1995 race car. As far as i know, these are the only two pictures.....
Where did she go? I wonder if the power of the internet will help us find her.

First lets start with who she is. This car is one of the most rare and unique artifacts of JDM tuning. It is a GT1 car produced by SARD in 1995 as a street homologation model. For the MC8 race car there was only one street version ever made and it’s whereabouts are unknown. I’d put this as one of the most rare and unique street cars ever to come out of the Japanese tuning world and I’m fascinated to know what ever happened to it!

The car is built off of a SW20 MR-2 chassis that has been elongated and powered by a 1UZ-FE which was twin turbo’d to put out 600hp. The car has that perfect mid ’90′s JDM race car vibe to it. It’s not terribly pretty by modern and/or mainstream standards, but the hardcore golden era JDM style it masters makes up for it’s somewhat unusual looks.

The race version of the cars ran 24 hours of Le Mans in 1995,1996 and 1997 as well as the FIA GT Championship and a few other races before retiring.

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MC8-R in HyperRevs Vol 21

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Вот что можно встретить на аукционе :)

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спасибо :) больше бы такой инфы..

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Сообщение от "j",nov 3 2011, 17:50
спасибо* :) больше бы такой инфы..

наконец-то кому-то это интересно...в планах подбить материал о раллийной группы в полноприводной mr2 222d, о mr2 t020 от придворного ателье tom's,...

р.s. друзья, помогите качественно перевести текст.

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всем интересно! мы просто молчаливые :) выкладывай все что находишь!

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Всем интересно! Мы просто молчаливые* Выкладывай все что находишь!
во-во, очень интересно

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Видео 1997 FIA-GT Rd.7 Suzuka 1000km
sard-mc-897R промо на 2:52 мин., пожар!!! и сход 39 номера sard-mc-897R на 5:35 мин.
на 10:18 мин. сход 46 номера sard-mc-897R и немного подкапотного - привет Шусту :blushing:

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26/1995 - SARD MC8-R (SARD Co. Ltd (Shin Kato))

46/1996 - Sard MC-8R (Team Menicom SARD Co, Ltd.)

35/1997 - Sard MC 8-R (Team Menicon Sard)

34/1997 - Sard MC 8-R (Team Menicon Sard)

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SARD MC8 Wheel Closeup
Only details I know is that its an 18 x 13J

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До кучи любителям моделек SARD MC8 Models :blushing:

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